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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
4GB drives I have setup work perfectly fine with 30kb buffers. So thats not an issue, even with a vanilla 600.
I'm not talking about buffers but about the memory needed to build the bitmap. It's a one time job after formatting or when the disk-validator starts up. During normal operation the memory is not needed.

The partition will even magically become valid if you boot with more memory. No need to format it again.

Originally Posted by jazzyalba2108 View Post
i don't want to spend anymore money
You were talking about WinUAE. It costs no money to add some memory to WinUAE.

Once the partition is valid, you can connect it to the low-memory machine. But beware of the disk-validator.

It would be better to make smaller partitions. If the 400 MB partition formats successfully, then make another three of four of that size. They should all format ok, too.
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