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You are not describing your problems with utmost detail so we don't know where you have gone wrong exactly, you just write two lines of text and don't say much. The error you describe means not much, unless we know exactly all you are doing, we cannot help. Also you are confusing. Your first post says:

I have installed classic WB 3.1 and also WB 2.1. the classic was really slow and didn't really function well, I had set it up via emulation as well. the 2.1 was installed on the 600. however, I am having issues partitioning the card.
If you have problems partitioning, how did you install ClasicWB or Workbench 2.1? You wouldn't have been able to. Again, you aren't describing your issue properly.
Also getting a NDOS icon after you first set up a partition is NORMAL. You just have to format it. But I don't know where your setup is going awry.
ClassicWB 3.1 WILL NOT WORK on your machine, you have Kickstart 2.x!

Also yeah Amiga has a learning curve, like any other platform, if you never had one, there's lots of learning you have to do. Dunno why you went for buying a computer before using emulation first, but now you gotta deal with it!

Otherwise, yeah, just put it on the marketplace. Plenty of people want a 600.
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