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Originally Posted by honx View Post
thx, i downloaded super bubble remix from the zone, the only one found using eab search:
seems to be your version. what configuration need exactly? just tried booting it in expanded a600 config.
but it quits with an error message: "lzx failed returncode 100"...
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Originally Posted by honx View Post
unfortunately unable to find bubble +. hol doesn't provide any download links (at least i never found any).
There are these files on the EAB File Server under: Commodore_Amiga --> TOSEC [2016-01-03] --> Commodore Amiga - Games - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2015-12-28_CM) --> B

... Bubble + (1990)(Infogrames).zip
... Bubble + (1990)(Infogrames)[h QTX - Juresoft].zip
... Bubble + (1990)(Infogrames)[h QTX - Juresoft][v Byte Bandit].zip
... Bubble + (1990)(Infogrames)[h QTX].zip
... Bubble + (1990)(Infogrames)[h QTX][t +1 Artline].zip
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