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I hate these polls.. why?


I have my faves, meticulously classified by type and platform, so picking one up among all it's very unfair!

I will pick up a classic über alles:

R-Type - various platforms.

2D side scrolling shmup supremo. Along with Gradius, the 'inventors' of the sidescroling shmup.

Graphics are good, they fit the mood. The mechanical design in them is pretty well done (check out the mothership in level 3), the backgrounds are well ambiented and the music rocks (though my favourite music is in the C64 version, Chris Hülsbeck took the original tunes and pimped them up absolutely well, in a way that makes the game more frantic)

SFX are run-of-the-mill, no big deal.

But it all comes down to gameplay. This is a game you need to MASTER, and it takes a lot of time. Evil as no other, the level of frustration at times makes you want more and MORE, pumping more adrenaline to your veins. The true masochist's delight. Eventually you pass that tricky spot, and then you'll find another one, and so on until you MASTER it. The design of this game has yet to be matched nowadays.

Ok, I dont know what else to say about this jewel. They don't make'em like this anymore! Though Konami's new Gradius Generations for the GBA is shaping up to be GREAT (though the Gradius series are not my fave, I preffer the Salamander spinoff, it's not so powerup-dependent)

You all might want to check out teh spotlight on shmups we did on, one of the few articles were about Shmups top 10. Check it out clicking here!

Disclaimer: I keep the right to change my fave game every second As I said, I just cant nail it down to one. Doing that top ten was hard!
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