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Radiant Silvergun has no bullet abosorbing. Well, you can absord bullets with the Radiant Sword, but that's all.

The game where you absorb bullets from the same color of your ship is Ikaruga.

And I personally don't like to call Ikaruga as Radiant Silvergun 2. I know when the working title for the game was Project RSG2, but I think the storyline has nothing to do with RSG. (That's just my guess, I have never played Ikaruga).

Are you using an emulator to get this RSG screenthos? IT looks like the textures look better than in the real thing. Also, how the hell you have 5 millions points and your C weapons is in level 33 in round 3B? Are you using saving?

I think to save in RSG is to CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT
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