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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
With $3500 in length, you can reply almost any protection using longtracks.

Special protection with weakbits, no flux area, i don't know, i have never seen or used such a drive.
ok, a few more questions

at how many rpm the floppy drive must spin to write turrican 2 and 3 ?

and how many rpm to write the track 1 of lethal weapon ?

btw,I done more games using powercopy

rainbow islands
rock'n roll
rick dangerous 2
ghost battle - seems is working but there are gfx bugs in my A1200 , this game is not 100% AGA compatible

chaos engine aga - fails on powercopy but can be written with wwarp

idem for

assasin se
alien breed se
arcade pool
super frog

and perhaps all those team 17 games can br written with wwarp
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