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CoCo by Unique - no Music on Real hardware

Hiya Folks.

This ones had me stumped for a bit.
Coco by Unique has no music and acts differently under WINUAE vs a real A4000 (3.1/060/Paula)

Basically the Real Machine, you see the record spin, and it will continue to spin .. foreeeevvvveerrrr, and there's no music.

I play the same demo under WINUAE emulation using an A1200 setup, and when it starts, the record spins, music starts and after a few moments, the scene changes, the A4000 seems to know something is wrong and won't move to the next scene.

Snoopdos appears to load everything so it doesn't appear to be a missing library as such.

There's a second demo that did this as well but i can't recall which one, i think it wasn't in English and had a cartoony look to it.

Any suggestions on the music that will hopefully keep the demo moving to the next scene if running correctly?
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