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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Is this game an original or just a hack of the first Tetrix?

Also, it's not listed on HOL; only the first one.
Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Try a better site, then

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

...the real question remains; is this game an original or just a hack of the first Tetrix?

Smells like the 2nd scenario to me and probably why it's not on HOL
Dirty, dirty hack! Not terribly hard to spot if you're willing to spend 10 minutes looking into it and throw a bit of commonsense into the mix. Seeing a hacked "Hawkeye" titlescreen as a dev team logo on the Tetrix II titlescreen should set off alarm bells straight away, for mine!

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
I have seen a few hacked games in HOL as well.
Which are?! We've turfed out a handful over the years from the early days, but there may still be a few lurking in the bowels of HOL.

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
One game popping up in my head is Terror Liner II which is, as far as I know a hacked version of the original. Well, this is the information from the TOSEC filename and the Lemon Amiga comment. So it can still be that this a official release of course, but I think not
To be fair, that probably isn't the best example. The incorrect sequel info. for Terror Liner II may well have been auto-assigned after it was last manually updated in 2005. Sequel info. wasn't included in HOL entries until 2006 IIRC, and most of it *wasn't* done by the team. Inevitably some errors were made and, at the time, several had to be manually fixed by team members. A few obviously slipped through the cracks, with Terror Liner II being one of them.

There's no doubt that Terror Liner II is a hack, but we'll probably keep the HOL entry since it was reworked and released as PD and also appeared in several adverts in Amiga Format etc. Tetrix II, on the other hand, didn't appear on PD AFAIK and looks to have been released purposely by "Hawkeye Soft" (and perhaps "cracked" by them under the alias of "Extreme", like all their hacks were) as a lame attempt to gain download credits or disabled ratio on the warez boards. Sadly, a fair bit of that went on in the BBS scene back in the day.

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