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Originally Posted by jazzyalba2108 View Post
hey guys once again. I have an internal CF 4GB card installed within my amiga 600. I have installed classic WB 3.1 and also WB 2.1. the classic was really slow and didn't really function well, I had set it up via emulation as well. the 2.1 was installed on the 600. however, I am having issues partitioning the card. It works fine on the system partition of 200MB and the work folder is about 400MB? the GAMES which is 1.8GB? will not partion, get non dos disk error? this didn't happen on emulation, because I followed the youtube videos, however there isn't many vids on installing on an actual amiga. so how do I do it and how do I get games on my 600. really frustrated kick off 2, sensi soccer and prem manager retro gamer!!!
Whats your exact kickstart Rev?
Which filesystem are you using, as 45.15 works perfectly fine with 4GB on KS2.05 300 / 350.
1.8GB may be problem. Try System = 500MB, Work = 1.6GB and Games = 1.6GB.
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