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Originally Posted by Mrz View Post
you can yes, I created a working extended adf from turrican 2 ipf using wwarp
if works on winuae must work on a real Amiga+ high density drive
Wait a sec. You're mixing three different things :

1) the ability to read a disk, protected or not,

2) the ability to WRITE a disk from a disk source

3) the use of a real amiga or an emulator

so to make it simple :

Of course, under winuae, ANYONE can make an extended ADF from an IPF.
You can parameter winuae to use a long track length than the one of a real amiga.

On a real Amiga, you can read a turrican II disk (with WWarp if you want), but you will NEVER be able to write the wwarp image file back to disk with the regular amiga disk controller.

What you did has a name, it's called imaging a disk. Imaging a disk is NOT writing back a disk from a source (HD or floppy disk).

no amiga in the world can write back turrican II disk, (neither BC kid or Turrican 3, the tracks are way too long for paula to write back).

You need for those disks a kryoflux or a supercard pro PCB to achieve that.

Emulator is a different thing from a real Amiga. You can do things with winuae that an A500, 600 or 1200 can't do.
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