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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I would argue that is not necessarily true. (It might be)

Is WinUAE FDC emulation accurate enough to know not to do things which are impossible on a real Amiga / FDD?

well I'm not tested my self this on a real Amiga because my A1200 haven't a high density floppy drive
but Wepl says it works, and you know,Wepl is a master

And you mention a HD drive... can these drives write longtracks? Is the DD/HD density variable on these drives?
its not variable. the controller (paula) is the same and can only write one speed. the hd drives on amiga switch to half rpm (150) when hd disk is inserted.
you can write long tracks back on a hd disk in a hd floppy, but you cannot use this disk in a dd floppy afterwards. also some games are checking the tracklength and may not work if they see that the track is eg. $6300 bytes instead the expected $3300. other protections may fail too...
some games will work, i remember turrican2 works written back this way.
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