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Originally Posted by BarryB;
Extended ADF file still might not be able to contain the data on the IPF/SCP if it's data that can't be held in an Extended ADF format!
right,extended adf format can't contain all copy protection data yet
it seems if there is an extended adf of certain game anywhere on the web it can be written back to floppy, and no special hardware is required

but I have not been successful with turrican extended adfs, it seems a high density amiga drive is needed to write those because the long tracks,
but no special hardware is required, ie an A4000 with a high density drive can write turrican disks

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post

Is there a list of games/protections that can't be made into Extended ADF images?

nope there is not such list, you can create a thread for this
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