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Originally Posted by jazzyalba2108 View Post
guys you are not helping myself. I have paid money for nothing, it isn't working properly. amigakit is supposed to be good? nobody is helping, my PCMCIA adapter isn't working at all! please can somebody get this working. I have paid good money, firstly for the adapter, then for the assured CF CARD which amigakit promised would work! if anybody calls me a douche bag, that would show the mentality of the users. now behave yourself and do as I bid please. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I HAVE HAD TO COMMUNICATE!!!
I have spent alot of time on the phone with you, going through different things, trying to find a solution. I even spent time, setting up an exact same vanilla A600 setup as you had (including Kickstart ROM) and tested. Everything worked, both the adapter and card you have were tested on the same test setup. I even tested lots of adapters and 4GB CF cards in an effort to reproduce your issue, yet they all worked fine.

The last communication from you, was you were considering sending A600 to us to check and test. See if there was any issue with the board, that would cause this.
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