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Re: games you dont knew

Originally posted by JudasEZT
There some game you dont knew back in 80/90es and you discovered now..? via HOL for example..

Ive discovered recently DeathTrap from Anco. man what a game...

Its a kind of Castlevania very good. and on title screen there are parallax scrolls ala ShadowOfTheBeast really cool. I hope some next level plays like this.

Imo its in the way of Lionheart,.. but for the moment seems much more addictive.

moreover musics are from CharlesDeenen. There are good graphics but some others are a bit ugly.. but overall graphics is fairly good.
Programmer is Christopher Durant.. someone knows smthing about this guy?? in hiscores figure Chatterbox from the WihzzKidz.

ok.. I stop now just Im happy with this addictive game.
Funny, i been playing this game a lot of time,liked intro music, weird that you never heard of it :-) yes .. its tough, but i completed it like four times :-)
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