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I have no idea if this is my favourite (I keep thinking something on the C64 is, but I can't remember), but I must say that it's highly ranked

The game is SWIV on the Amiga.

Graphics : Crappy. It's got nice looking sprites, but where's all the colour! It's all brown. (30%)

Sound : Worse than the graphics . There's no sound in this game apart from bullets firing and explosions. Any decent shoot em up has cool music blasting away (10%....SHEESH)

Playability : ah. Here's the redeeming factor of the game. This game totally owns in the playability department. Every time I feel like a shoot em up, this is the game I turn to. It's always fun (85%)

Lastability : Well, I haven't finished it yet, so it must last long (80%)

Overall : A fantastic fun game. Pity about the graphics and sound (93%)
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