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Radiant Silvergun is great, and that's not because it's from Treasure. Yes, Treasure are amazing developers and all, but the 1st time I played Radiant Silvergun, I felt like "Huh? what was all the fuss about?". I gave the game a few hours of play, and still couldn't see it as an interesting game. It was somehow addicting, but not as great as some people said. It was sitting in the shelf for sometime.

Other day I played it again... after a few hours, something clicked. I could see the really beauty of the game, how incredibly well designed the game is.

The game has one fault for me though: There's too much of it. Maybe that's what makes it so great, but for me there's just TOO MUCH to master. I have barely mastered the 1st level (Round 3), and I always get smoked in the 2nd level (Round 2).

Somebody told me this in the forum, and I'll say it here: You can't rate this game properly if you don't play it for some good hours.

@ Fred

I have posted 2 of my fav on MSX earlier in this thread.

Space Manbow, from Konami, one of the best horizontal shmups ever, IMO it's better than most Gradius games.

Aleste 2, from Compile, my fav shmup ever

The MSX is full of great shmups, if you're interested I could post about more shmups later.
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