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back to the world of amiga...

getting back into amiga background short version, loved my Amiga but it was an expensive hobby for someone without job back then, one day it finally gave in I had it repaired but decided to get rid of all my stuff. didn't convert any floppys and got rid of all but 4 of my amiga cdroms.*kicking myself* got interested a few days ago with the pi3 amiga thing.

edit:deleted all my questions and ordered a pi anyway, I will figure stuff out the fun/hard way.

so where do people chat these days ? it used to be you could sign up to any old "forum" ( used to be one) post just about anything and find someone willing to give some feedback, maybe the net is flooded with too many forums or maybe there are just too many sub-forums here or maybe people just moved to places like reddit?

this was my introductory post and it got moved to support and didn't get a single response

anyway thanks great community.

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