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Ooops, messed up the disk in Post #1

...this has now been updated accordingly.

<note to self; test as thoroughly as you can before posting in public>

Originally Posted by mai View Post
This fix cant be correct, files stage3 and stage4 now have same size, files are different named in available disks!
STAGES/Stage3 | 34.730|A93ADF73|OK|OK|OK|1987.08.25 09:11|
STAGES/Stage4 | 34.730|A93ADF73|OK|OK|OK|1987.06.29 21:10|
Ok, I get what you're saying...

It could go either way with swapping the "Stage3" and "Stage4" files...

Again, without an original it's impossible to know what order to put them in.

At least now all stage files are not corrupt and different

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