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I just said "50" out of my head coz it sounded like a lot, but maybe I shouldve said 120 yes.. hehe. To be honest I dont really know how big Ive gone.

I do think Radiant Silvergun is a good game. You feel very macho when the ship flyes up and down and the camera follows it and when the music sounds very orchestral, espesially when you kill a boss.

But its maybe a bit overrated I think.. ehum. Maybe thats because I dont think you should need to think to much in games, especially not shoot em ups. Actually Radiant Silvergun can be played and enjoyed as a pure shoot em up and not as an RPG shoot em up. And thats what I do.

on the DC:
I dont like RPG shoot em ups so Mars Matrix and Ikaruga (which are very good games they say) doesnt get a lot of play on my Dreamcast but Zero Gunner 2 gets two thumbs way up in the sky.

Ive played the three first levels of Ikaruga, and by far the best part yet is the beginning of the game when the ship flyes off and up in the sky and then down.. thats really cool for being a part in a shoot em up.
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