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Erm, you don't "get" the Laser Power-up, you always have both weapons in the game (Laser and Spread). If you hold the button, you get the laser.
Tsc tsc, you should read the instructions before playing the game

Dodonpachi is indeed a great game. I would like to get it for my saturn too (Or the PSX version). I get crap frame rates when playing it using an emulator. Still I could get a better chain than you I remember getting chains around 120 hits. Not a big deal yet, I suck at every game made by Cave

I have to add one game here: Radiant Silvergun for the Saturn.

I said this on another tread, this game is just too cool. There is NOTHING like Radiant Silvergun, the level design is just AMAZING. You have 7 different weapons, and you already begin the game with all weapons. The levels are designed in such a way that you HAVE TO LEARN how to use each weapon properly. To power up the weapons, you have to make points using that weapon. To make points, you need to chain the enemies. Each enemy may be red, blue or yellow, and everytime you kill 3 enemies of the same color in a row, you make a chain. If you keeping killing enemies of the same color, you chain rises. Kill an enemy of a different color, and you kill your chain. It's the only shmup I ever played that sometimes you just DON'T want to kill an enemy, to not destroy your chain, so you have to DODGE all the incoming fire from that enemy.

And you have the bosses. No other GAME IN HISTORY has bosses as cool as this one. And it's not like the game has 4 or 5 bosses, it has DOZENS and DOZENS of different bosses, each one with many different ways of attacking you.

It's a long game, and it's hard. It's DAMN HARD, I can tell you, I can't think of another shmup that have kicked my ass so hard as RSG. Still it's never cheap, everytime you die, you know it was your fault, and everytime you see the "Game Over" screen, you know that you will do better the next time.

But I do know if I ever finish that beast, it will take ages.

Words just can't express how good this game is. Like I said in another tread, when Treasure was developing this game, they SURELY wanted to make THE ULTIMATE SHMUP. No other shmup can even get close of the experiece that Radiant Silvergun is. It has great graphics, an excellent soundtrack, sweating boss fights, amazing level design, great weapons...

If you own a Saturn, or can emulate it, do yourself a favour, and get this game. Even if it's in CD-R format.
I am sure you won't regret.

Just for the record, this game was developed by Treasure, the same guys who brought you Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier on Mega-Drive, Guardian Heroes on Saturn, Silhouette Mirage on Saturn and PSX, and is now developing Gradius 5 for Konami.
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