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Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
1. When I run the game (after loading WB) from the floppy disk, the game loads but the graphics are corrupted (graphics are ok if on the machine's boot menu I set the system to OCS).
Use a tool such as TUDE to degrade the chipset to OCS settings before running the game.

Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
2. When I copy the floppy contents to HDD and run it from there, I get an error about some missing title screen file.
The game most probably needs an assign. Check which name the disk has and then create an assign for it before running the game from HD. E.G. if disk name is "Tanx" then you would need to type "assign Tanx: YourTanxDirOnHD". TanxDirOnHD is course the path to the installed game on your HD.
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