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Originally posted by Bloodwych
What EMU are you using Fred and what version is it?

Where did you get the disk images for the games?

I have Winx68K, ex68 and xm6 lying around but I'm not sure which to use or what the latest versions are.

Currently I have 32 games but some don't seem to work.

I agree with you that the X68000 has some great games, although Super Aleste still gets my vote as best shooter.
Hey Bloody!
I am using 2 emulators. Win68K is the one I use, but yours must be in Japanese, because the one I use is simple! I understand your problem. Japanese computer emulators, with the exception of the MSX series, have been poorly designed or have been in programmed with Japanese GUI and interface.
These two emulators have eliminated this problem.

The first link is a unofficial hack of the best emu, Win68k. The original is the best, but both are very compatable and in full english.
As for the disk images, all together, they come to less than 700 mb, easily to fit on a CD!
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