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Originally posted by IanCharge
I don't think anyone is really down on the games industry I think the problem is some of us (including me) don't have the same passion for playing games as we did in our Amiga days (ie Our youth for some of us)

My friends and I were only seperated from our computers when we had to goto school and learn *Spit* nowadays I can barely bring myself to play any games at all.

Softco's DO still release more crap games than they shoould though
Yep, tiem is an issue, but I am as passionate about them as I was before, if not more (since now I have more cash and I can buy whatever teh bloody hell I want )

The big difference is taht, when we started, teh industry was not an uindustry, it was hobbyists coding games for fun in their houses, teh typical 'bedroom coder'... This is what's lost today, it all went too mainstream and became a huge, huge business.

Money corrupts
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