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well, Amiga (like ST) don't use the keys. you can use only the mouse.
You start from the bridge and you have to turn on the Engine of your vehicle (Eco Zeppelin) in the Engine Room (you can acess cliking on the wheel/gear on the right panel.
Once you here you you have to click on the third icon to start engine.
you can return to the bridge with finder icon on left panel to able to move.

to move you have use the mouse on screen and select direction (the finder has 2 options: left button is to interact and move and right button to fire).

When you have contact with some enemies from the top of your vehicles appears an interface to maybe have a contact with Eco Phantoms and you can interact with some options to avoid fighting.
Same things when you arrive at certain gate to enter their dome. Some times you have to solve puzzle (it use some icons very strange) and some time you have interact with your drones to try to enter.
In this case you pilot the select drone but also in this case i have destroyed everything, but there are infinite sphere that attack you. Also here you have to find something to ehter. There a lift that seems broken. maybe you have to repair it.
The drone room is the first icon on left panel on the bridge.

The visual is pseudo 3D (very slow) and there some path to choose, but you didn't see it, so you have to turn left and right continously to find them.
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