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Originally posted by Akira
Why would a 3D rendition of Chaos Engine "rock"?

Wouldn't a 2D, online multiplayer game be good, if not better, than a 3D rendition? Would the 3D depiction do any justice to the original's gameplay? Can the original gameplay be retained in the swap to 3D?
Have you thought of all these questions?
The reason I think it would "rock" is because as a genre FPS isnt bad in itself (IMO) its just been done to death with little or no originality. I think a 3D CE would add a new angle to this tired old genre. I also always imagined playing the game in 3D, and to me it could play really well and look really good.

I agree Id also be happy with a remake of CE as it is but online, but Ive always wanted to see it in 3D as well.
As for the 2D versions gameplay being retained, it would be a different game of course and the only similarity being the subject but if done right it could play very well IMO.

PLEASE lets not get into 2D Vs 3D
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