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Be careful with all the trademark, copyright stuff. Don't use balls, bouncing balls or V's. Attempt to even avoid using the words Amiga or Commodore. Avoid contact with developers which are still putting out stuff. Don't bother with publishers still in business. Avoid even talking with any company that has, does, or will own the Amiga TM and their affiliates. Completely stay clear of even mentioning or reviewing modern Amiga software, hardware and OS's.

Using a 'only 10 year old(er)' might be a good, if symbolic motto. Most of the stuff that's really "Amiga" anyway is older than 10 years or will fully be in 2.

Don't become too popular before you're entrenched, not that being entrenched helps any if and when the grey suits arrive. Actually: avoid popularity too altogether.

Contacting willing and friendly developers for permission and having some, even if not well known, fully legal games available with CAPS original preservations is a great start as a respected basis for completely non-commercial services and historical information repository, in which HOL can take most of the burden.

Simply, blatently, put, the "Amiga" needs this project too much to F it up. It depends on you out there.

And, don't accept gifts from strangers. Sweet Dreams are made of this and this.
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