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now i am confused,
this uploaded file "06-gameData"
comes not from uploaded "Atlantyda.adf" crc32=3470E515

ok, i see its from WHDLoad image.

btw: just a proof:
extract "06-gameData" from each known Atlantyda disk and the file has always different crc32!!

...and see what happens if you use Workbench Diskcopy command, the destination disk has different crc32. because diskcopy writes data to rootblock(checksum), this is just fine for pure DOS disks but for NDOS disks its sometimes fatal, especially if packed data are affected.
This is not the first time that a publisher mastered a disk with such an issue:
Lollypop from Rainbow Arts, SPS release Lollypop (1995)(Rainbow Arts)[2864], they later published version without this issue.

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