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Originally Posted by alphagemini View Post
How do you find out the name of a device?
First you need to become root user in the terminal, haven't tried this on Mac OSX, but looks like you type 'sudo -s' and enter your current user password. If that fails you can try 'sudo su -'. An indicator that you are "root" is the '#' prompt in the terminal.

After plugging in the USB to IDE adapter, use the 'diskutil list' command in the terminal and look for the device name of the disk connected via adapter, it will read something like /dev/xxx (where xxx is the disk device you found using previous command).

To start the copy process, as root enter this command:

dd if=/dev/xxx of=/tmp/my_amiga_hard_disk.dd
This will dump the hard drive to your temp directory with the file name 'my_amiga_hard_disk.dd'. Note that the /tmp directory will be deleted at reboot, so copy the file where you want it after the 'dd' command is finished.

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