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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Cool, where can one find the files? Would be good to install to plain hard drive for me

Did you do the same with Candy Puzzle?
I can upload the files somewhere (but not before next week).

For the records what i've done yesterday, so if someone want can replicate:
found online the CHD, used chdman to extract the raw .bin, understood that the sectors was not 2048 neither raw 2352 but a hybrid 2144 level1+subchannel data, made a little C program to make conversion to standard ISO (also stripping the level2+subchannel data sector close to iso end, that seems unused). Then understood how to crack the protection, changed some illegal name for Windows (containing > and <) ,extracted the files from ISO, patched the main exe for the new files names, made a script to setup the environment and run..

Regarding Candy Puzzle.. I did not look at it

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