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Righto, here goes.

Think of all the Amiga projects currently running and consider how they are interlinked in a great web of interlink-ed-ness.

For example, the HOL specialises in objective data about Amiga games, while CAPS ensures that these games are saved and preserved. CAPS uses game information (e.g. information gathering goes with the game imaging) and the HOL needs rare games to add to the database. They can each help each other in a number of ways.

Other ways that one project relies on another is:

- the HOL uses WinUAE to grab screens and run Amiga games.
- EAB members use the HOL for finding out about games.
- APoV uses the HOL for researching articles.
- Akira's game project uses the EAB to recruit talent.
- WinUAE uses the EAB for bug reporting and testing.

Already the different projects sometimes help each other in certain ways.

The suggestion is to formalise the relationships into an 'organisation' of similar projects. This would take the inter-project aid and sharing further.

e.g. a group working under the banner of the organisation contacts developers of old Amiga games. By looking more formal than a single guy emailing and raving about the Amiga, the task would be made much easier. This single link to a developer could then produce benefits for many projects;

- the HOL can get verification of the info in the database straight from the developer;
- APoV can get an interview for the magazine;
- CAPS might possibly get images of games from the developer;
- a rare or unreleased game might turn up for EAB people to play;
- the person or company being contacted could use the HOL screens and data to create a company history part of their website, or just gain extra publicity through APoV.

I don't know if 'organisation' is the right word, as it sounds quite corporate. 'Fellowship' or 'society' might sum it up better, although for getting in touch with some companies, the more corporate the better.

Of course, I'm just using the above projects as an example, and it would be up to them if they wanted to join. There would be rules for membership - a project might need to be non-profit making or not involved in any illegal activity. Quality of the project could also be a deciding factor.

A website would then be something that the fellowship would create, in order to release news about which projects are joining and what each is up to, as well as having links to all the individual websites. There could also be a list of people involved and what their specialities are.

I think that the fellowship's broad aims should be:

- Research
- Preservation
- Investigation
- Broadcasting
- Sharing
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