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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Ok tested; work greats. Thank you kindly ross

...but two things though; where did you get the main file from?

a) Looking at it, the size is half what the file on "Xenex (1994-10)(Scorpius)(PD).adf" is and apparently not compressed (tried uncompressing with "Xfddecrunch")?
The executable is from the aforementioned .adf
After the various optimization and recompilation the size is 681844 (the main file is not patched but resourced).
To mantain the 1MB target i've used 'cranker' by TEK (credits in the cracktro).
[EDIT: The packing ratio is nice, the loading time halved, so a win-win situation]

Also, it's missing this screen:
It's a choice, i simply disabled the message but is in file.
The game is no more shareware, the author give it free.
But if is a problem (to maintain some legacy) i can re-enable it.

b) After skipping levels all the same enemies from the previous stage are still present and in the exact same position... Is that how it should be?
I've used the memory location 'abused' by Insane.
Skipping fifty levels give me an incredible amount of enemy on screen, so something changes

[EDIT: yes, the game logic for "next level" is not "destroy all enemies".
Disable "skip levels" in trainer and enable "infinite lives" and see.
The new level "add" some new enemy to those left.]


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