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hey guys, yes the problem with the internal CF CARD, is that when I did it on WINUAE it worked, I followed several youtube vids and installed Classic WB 3.1, but this was unstable and nothing really worked, especially WHDLOAD! when I reinstalled WB 2.1, it formats the system partition of 200MB, then I formatted the WORK partition for 500MB, again no problem, then when I did GAMES partition of over 1.5GB, failed to format properly, NON DOS DISK!! I did it again and also did the MAX transfer and once again the SYSTEM 200MB fine, but this time I changed the WORK partition to 1.7GB and 1.8GB for the GAMES, same thing NON DOS DISK. so I am at a loss, it seems when you partition a drive over 1GB it fails?
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