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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Go back a version on CFD? 1.25 is available on Aminet which pre-dates all this stuff to make it ROM'able
Could be worth a shot, however he has got no way transfer files to Amiga.

Originally Posted by sean_skroht View Post
Could it be his Gayle chip has a problem? He did mention he also had a problem with his internal compact flash card.
This could be the way his CF HDD is setup or it could have errors on CF HDD.
Knowing the version of board would help. As we can then rule out if it is a rev issue.

Something that has not been mentioned. If I used KS3.1 in testing. CF showed up as CF0:NDOS. If using KS2.05 in testing. CF would not show up, had to go into Format and then select it (it did however show correct CF card size). Once formatted it, showed up fine.
Now when jazzyalba2108 did exactly the same (while talked through on phone), he always got 0kb in Format.
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