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Please bare in mind, I have deliberately setup a test mock up with exactly the same setup (not sure on motherboard, as its not known at this time).

Same adapter, same card. Run exactly the same way etc etc. Works here on test setup fine. The adapter and sandisk card were also tested here on same A600 used for testing and worked perfectly fine.

This is the first time in 9 years, I have seen a CF card not work on an A600 from the ones we sell (even after testing it on A600, just to be sure before shipping).

I have not said the board is faulty. Just it may have some odd compatability issue. Maybe due to the rev board. Without having it here to test and check things, we are left to run whats been learnt over the years and try and communicate it. This doesn't always work effectively.

Last thing I did say to try, was to remove HDD and run it from floppy. That takes HDD partition issues out of the equation.
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