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New to the forum

However not new to electronics.

I am sure I can help if the need arises.

I found this site on a random plug and slam I am here, looking forward and hope I can be of service.

Working towards completing my contractors license and taxid, vat.

I work on just about everything with or without schematics.

Currently reworking a older television set that was DOA and like restoring older televisions. Attempting to upgrade to allow 1080p on sets that only run 720p or 1080i. RPTV. Samsung HCP4241W retro gaming on a CRT, say awesome.

Don't worry I like computers just as much going all the way back to the IBM intel, cyrix, AMD 186 and basic DOS with modified instruction sets.

Component level re-clocking not overclocking.

I have a wide experience pallet with both analog vacuum tube and analog digital or digital analog solid state and am capable of rising a vacuum base board to solid state version and can go the other way.

Later, got read all your content.
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