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Abel Magwitch
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Are there any basic instructions?

I have dwnld FS-UAE. I got an arcade and a launcher. So I search for instructions. I found some, now it gets fiendishly complicated.
It starts off with a bold heading "Getting started" which gives you a nice warm feeling, a sign of something good and uplifting to the soul. Then with a malevolence I was ill prepared for it talks to you in a tongue so far unidentified among common folk then lunges at you from behind and slices off your testicles, the testicles of hope, with a set of rusty cable croppers, laughing at you as it does.
Why should this be?
How can the details provided in an instructional article, because of its complexity be accessible only to people who know enough already not to need it? The misery and desperation this "Getting started" beasty must have caused is surely incalculable, I know I have suffered terribly.

Please can someone direct me to a deal of instructions to use this emulator that is useful to someone who whilst being very keen to learn actually can't understand a word of it.
I have found a "Kickstarter" that I was directed to via some kind soul. I put it in the kickstarter folder and into the launcher. Now what? I have an .adf file for prince of Persia.
Please can someone help me, I am desperate....

Abel Magwitch
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