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Originally posted by Akira
woo hold it.

Who converted Cody's original idea into a news portal project? :P

I say you forget about that, otherwise you would get lost in the middle of shitloads of tasks to do.

To get this project off the ground, we must write down its mission, with good focus.

Cody might want to kickstart this task by writing down his initial idea, we then write down what we expect from it, how to modify it, etc. until we're all happy.

I wouldn't like it to become a news portal, andI wouldn';t participate in such a thing. There are already others, no need for one inside the EAB
I totally agree.
Build a project, first. Then let's do the necessary adds/removes/modifications before make it real.
This *MUST* be involved from anyone who have just only a little idea. Many few things made a BIG thing!
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