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thanks, found "lemmings_disk2_repaired" in zone and this seems to be the solution indeed.
with repaired disk level loading successfully, just playing lemmings tricky level 14 "menace".
this level has a very unfamiliar music (for me), don't remember this track at all!

although not needed anymore, still want to answer questions from above:
first i played on a600 config (as i was playing lemmings on amiga 600 back in the day).
after that problem occured i tried amiga 500 quickstart configuration for compatibility.
as emulator i'm using latest stable winuae 3.5.0, i'm no beta testing user...
unfortunately i can't tell anymore, which .adf images of lemmings i've have been using.
files have been extracted and renamed to just lemmings (1).adf and lemmings (2.adf).
both files have time stamp: 24.12.1996 22:32, if this information helps in any way...
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