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Originally posted by killergorilla
It's not going to be easy mind,

Most of the prominent people in the scene (those that work on the main projects that exist) are very busy, and a lot of others don't necessarily have a lot to offer other than enthuisasm.

Doesn't mean I don't agree with it though!! I'd certainly be willing to do what I can.

Maybe we could have our own Bi-Plane with our logo on the wings!
Well, someone or a bunch of people not involved in any projects, should maintain the website.Then people doing projects mail him/them on updates and that's what's going on the main newspage. Or alternatively put the news directly on both the main page and their own project site.

On the mainpage is links to a "current projects" and "finished projects" wich contains deeper information about the projects. They also contains who to contact if someone wish to be involved , or have any questions about the project.

php nuke or not, this simple model shouldn't be hard to implement.
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