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In addition to the demineralized water I would also use 99% isopropyl alcohol on the board after the demineralized water.
This will help evaporate the water which might be lodged under supports or components.

Do not think you can skip the demineralized water, this is essential to remove any remaining minerals which might restart corrosion of the board. I would even advise to use a toothbrush to spread around the water everywhere (use a new one or you will add more unwanted deposits).

So to recap: dishwasher, brush with demineralized water, rinse with demineralized water, rinse with isopropyl alcohol (do it outside and away from any flame or electric device), let evaporate a few minutes then oven for a few hours.

Looking at the pictures I would think you will have to replace the connectors, if they are still rusty after all that it is better not to risk any future corrosion and replace them. Better safe than sorry.
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