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I am amazed it even works! I would be attempting to clean the ports up or if not, having them removed and fitting good salvaged ones on.

I would save it! I have a serious problem with taking in abandoned and mistreated A500's. I have one with a smashed up Agnus socket. There was no reason at all for me to buy it, I just jumped on it after the typical owner who went in with screwdriver and got moody. I saved it and will replace the socket. The board is spotless apart from that little scab

Also I bought an early german "chicken-lips A500" recently. I have not done much with it but I suspect all is not what it seems, I am aware it does not work but I have a suspicion the board is not what was detailed
The cinch connectors do not add up with a revision 5, but more of an revision 8!

The case and keyboard were worth it alone mind! has the early mechanical keyboard, early-low serial number so I can probably re-create an early 500 that kind of thing.
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