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Hi guys, I have recently purchased a PCMPCIA CF CARD adapter for my refurbished AMIGA 600. on its arrival, I noticed it was a high density diskette, no correct me if I am wrong, with amigas being 80s machines, used double density diskettes? anyway fail to say it didn't work and I got a boot error 44

here is the transcript of our conversation

Technical Support (Christopher) on 2017-08-13 02:24:50

You will find the HD hole is covered, this effectively makes the disk DD. This practice has been used since the 90s in the Amiga community without issues.
Jeremy Bell on 2017-08-12 05:40:38
its a refurbished A600, you haven't even seen my system so how can you judge that its dirty, may i suggest more like a HIGH DESTINY DISKETTE, the issue says ADAPCMCFL READ ERROR DISK BLOCK 44

not very impressed with yourselves, to suggest blame on the customers is disgraceful, you check each disk 3 times, maybe start using DOUBLE DESTINY DISKETTES, this is the problem!!!

Technical Support (Matthew) on 2017-08-11 14:14:40
Hello Jeremy

Thank you for the ticket.

We check every disk three times on each sector for read/write integrity before despatch to customers to ensure that disks are working.

If the disk develops read errors it can be because a small amount of dirt has been introduced to the disk from quite often 30 year old floppy disk drive mechanisms that are very dusty and dirty after a long time being in service.

The ADAPCMCFL drivers are installed in the DEVSosDrivers directory and also various other drawers in the System partition.

We are happy to send you out another disk but I would suggest that you clean the floppy drive to ensure that is free from dust and debris that has built up over the years.

Please confirm the number of your order.

Thank you.

now I am not impressed by amigakit blaming it on the customer's, poor customer service.

what do you guys think PLEASE HELP!!!
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