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In fact we discussed the file information part quite often in the planning stages of amiganostalgia.
The problem was, that it then seemed like we had two options;

1. Making an "informative" site with production backgrounds + maybe screengrabs etc, but then we had to cut down the amount of downloads, due lack of time...

2. Making the site more archive like, with lots of downloads, but not much info (as for now, we dont have any file info at all, but it`s coming, as if not that detailed..).

We came to this conclusion:
Why not gather lots of downloads on www, and skip the details, as there allready are sites (HOL f.ex) who covers the detail part?

I guess combining those two would require a lot of time & recources that I`m afraid few people have these days (as these projects mostly are made non-profit)..

Dont get me wrong! I`d love to make that way... to bad I havent got the time.. ...for now

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