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Good to know I don't need to worry about recapping or anything. I will give your dishwasher method a try. Silly question, should I put detergent in or just rely on the hot water to do the job? Would it be ok to put the case in there too or is that risking warping it?

As the for shield, I'm not too worried if it goes black so rust converter will be the way to go there.

As for the video output hopefully I don't need to replace the connector, but first I need to get a scandoubler so I can connect it to a monitor. When I was testing today I couldn't find a composite cable or a TV, so I cut the end off a 2xRCA to 3.5mm cable and spliced the RCA ends together, then plugged it into a spare projector. Funnily enough this worked wonders!

Thanks for your help, I'll be sure to report back with the results. I'm also happy to hear any other suggestions people have.
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