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The bad video would likely be due to corrosion in the connector since it clearly suffered some water damage. Recapping is not required on A500s and there is no battery deal with, so these are easy to maintain. I would start with a good clean and take it from there. If some of the connectors are too far gone they will need replacing and that takes a little work with a soldering iron (and the 23p connectors can be a little tricky to find since they are not commonly used any longer). You could probably make it work well enough though if you just gave it some contact spray and plugged/unplugged a connector several times.

I usually clean a motherboard by giving it a run in the dishwasher. It really does wonders and can make a crusty dirty one look almost new. It probably won't take the rust away though.
I use a quick-cycle which is 30 minutes on low temperature. Immediately after this I take it out, rinse it with demineralised water and stick it in the oven on low temp (around 75degC is good) for a couple of hours to dry. I would do it with all ICs removed, clean those manually with isopropylalcohol and reinstall them after the motherboard is dried and ready to go again.

For the rust on the shield, you can take it off with some sanding paper and cover it with a clear coat laquer. Alternatively you can use a rust converter to stop it from developing. It will turn the rust black so will not look perfect but otherwise it works great and is very easy to use since it can be applied with a brush.
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