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A500 worth saving?

I recently got the Amiga bug again as having kids has reminded me of the fun I had with Amigas and C64s back when I was young. Having an A500 I bought nearly five years ago I pulled it out of the shed. To say the years have not been kind to it is probably a bit of an understatement. I brought it into work where I had some space and pulled it apart to see what the damage is like. Those of you with weak stomachs look away now (j/k ):

The outside looks dirty and yellowed (as expected) but otherwise OK. It turns on and reads disks. Full gallery here:

The fully assembled 500. It will turn on and read disks happily.

The power supply is in fantastic shape and makes no worrying noises (not sarcasm):

Here's where things get a little bad, inside the top of the case:

The bottom of the case, this doesn't look good at all:

A large amount of rust on the shielding:

Without this piece of plastic I think this Amiga would be DOA:

The extent of the rust on the motherboard was limited to the connectors. The joystick ports and RGB port still work. No idea about the others as I don't have peripherals for them.

Luckily the motherboard appears otherwise undamaged. No burst batteries or caps:

Floppy eject button hanging on by a thread:

The dirty but otherwise fine keyboard:

Thanks for looking at all that. What I'm hoping for is that there is someone in Australia (preferable in Melbourne or at least Victoria) that can clean, repair, and recap this old beast. Then I'll need a RAM expansion (I believe I have one but that looks like it is not in fantastic shape) and some better way of getting video than the A520 with composite output. You have to jiggle it to get all the colours on-screen and I'm hoping that it's the A520 at fault and not the port.

I'm obviously willing to pay, unless the price would be so high I would be better off buying a "new" one. Or do people think I'd be better off saving my pennies and springing for an A1200 from eBay?
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