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Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
I tried The dig and Curse of Monkey Island, i was using 1.5.0, maybe i'll try 1.8.1 that's on Aminet (not sure why i "started" on 1.5.0.
Hmm, v1.8.1 is RTG only.... you are very light on details. I thought the v1.5.0 was novacoders version, and when you add game and select curse monkey island or the dig, you get a box saying not a scumm game.

Are you using a customised version of the scummvm software? Or maybe the game itself?
For my ports of ScummVM on AmiNet (up to version 1.5) I tried to limit the supported games (and ScummVM features) to what would actually be usable on the platform. There was no point supporting music emulation, compressed music playback or allowing Monkey Island 3 to run in 640x480 on an A500 with an 030 accelerator card

So my RTG version supports the most games and has the most features (which include SVGA games like Monkey Island 3 and Broken Sword and has support for OGG Vorbis playback), the AGA 060 port supports less games and features, the 040 and 030 each support less right down to the 030 OCS/ECS version which only supports a few Lucas Arts games and has no music support at all.

Not sure about ScummVM 1.8 as that was based on some of my code but not done by me.

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