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Lotus Trilogy and Jaguar XJ220 - fix for both audio and engine sound
YoJoe - add cd32 pad support, buttons for attack, jump, switch weapon left/right, maybe extra button for throwing molotoves
Qwak - add button for jump
Aladdin, Lion King - both should have CD32 version with pad support and nice animations
Alien Breed 3d - just remove code protection
Diggers - game got CD32 version but controls are bad, there should be more like in Extractors
Elfmania - game looks great visually, it should have good cd32 version with pad support
Shadow Fighter - game already have cd32 version, but You know, fighting games should never be played with just one fire button, so full pad support would be welcome
Leander - already great game, but could have some nice AGA-AKIKO enchantment too, like both effects and sound music, more colorful backgrounds images and maybe add some more colors for some other sprites too (Levels 1-5 and 1-6 looks very grey and I do not know why You die when You touch ground, other levels got nice animated watter and here it look static, more like a mud).
Trolls and Oscar - better pad support - add button for jump

that's all for my ideas for fixes for now. I have some more ideas but total re-design game/levels I think is too much/ would be too hard.
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