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Demos by Elude - why do NONE work?

Hiya Folks.

I wondered if anyone knows a reason ... or maybe some extra requirement that's needed for demos by Elude to run.

On my real A4000/060 i pretty much run and enjoy demos by most groups, usually the ones that complain the most are ones asking for OCS, but Elude make powerhouse demos to really push the Amiga but i just can't get them to work.
I'm on OS3.9 BB 1+2, got 140mb+ memory and my VA2000 makes sure i have 1.95mb chip at all times.

I noticed quite often files include a huge WAV file and some 14bit driver and i wonder if there's another requirement in there that normal people would have but i'm not normal so i can't tell.

Of the 5 far

Soliloquy - Music plays - black screen.

Kakao - Music plays - screen flashes occasionally

Machinst - Black Screen then error "Device DH1: allocated memory doesn't match memorymask" - have to shut 4000 off, complete lock out.

Reboxer - black screen, music plays

Serenity - Black screen, music. Crashes when exiting #8000 0004.

Sensing a pattern here?

Again to stress, except for some very few exceptions, i have and play hundreds of demos, i just can't understand what this ONE group is doing and gather they might be using something similar in each of their demos....
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