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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Indeed it does, and it's very fast RAM too.

Does this mean that the Blitter is the bottleneck in Zeewolf's performance?
If memory serves, Zeewolf 2 will benefit greatly from fast RAM, but Zeewolf won't. Zeewolf 2 runs pretty well on a fast RAM equipped Minimig core and absolutely flies when you allow the CPU to access chip RAM at fast RAM speeds (and runs super-fast on a Vampire, too) so I don't think the blitter's the bottleneck.

What's the chip RAM writing speed like for the Furia?
Perhaps you have a version of Zeewolf 2 that's just not picking up the Fast RAM for some reason? (On the Minimig I use one of the crack ADFs - I'll try and remember to find out which one when I get home.)
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